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Company Introduction

Dezhou HEFU Husbandry Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Ningjin Economic Development Zone, Dezhou City, Shandong Province. As a comprehensive enterprise, we aim for the research and development, production, marketing, installation and technical services of livestock and poultry breeding equipment. HEFU which has a superior R&D team focuses on the manufacturing and development of poultry equipment and invests millions of RMB every year to continually develop new products and technologies. At present, the company has laminated breeding equipment of broiler, duck, pullet, layer, laying duck and other full- automatic feeding equipment.


  • HEFU Broiler Single Cage Project

    HEFU Broiler Single Cage Project

    Each of the building for this project is 40,000 birds, in total are 11 buildings. With 7 rows 3 tiers chicken breeding equipment, including the Auto feeding system, Auto drinking system, Auto Manure Removal system, Ventilation system, Heating system, Lighting system, Spraying system, Control cabinet system and so on.
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  • HEFU H Type Layer Cage Project

    HEFU H Type Layer Cage Project

    Total 8 buildings With 5 rows×4 tiers cage system from our company. One building can raise 50,000 layering hens. At present, all the 8 houses have been installed and 4 have been put into use. The equipment is in good operation and the laying rate of laying hens has reached 98.5%.
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  • HEFU A Type Layer Cage Project(Thailand)

    HEFU A Type Layer Cage Project(Thailand)

    With 3 rows,4 tiers cage and frame system from us and total raise 23,000 birds for every building. Together equipped with Auto feeding system, Auto water drinking system, Auto manure removal system, Auto egg collection system, ventilation system and Auto control system.
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To customize a most suitable and comprehensive solution for customers,HEFU provides one-stop service including sitting,layout,construction system of equipment,feeding delivery, excrement disposal and equipment maintenance.

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