Egg Transportaion Equipment

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The egg conveyor is used to transport the main eggs collected in the in-house egg collection into the egg storage through the central egg collecting system.

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● Central egg conveyor system with powerful collection ability makes it feasible to collect and conveyer eggs between different houses with barrier-free operation and    low egg broken rate;
● The delivery speed of conveying chain can be decided by the cage tier number in order to achieve the lowest broken egg rate;
● The length and slope of the conveying chain can be customized according to the different situation of chicken house;
● Curved delivery and sloped delivery can be realized easily;
● When the central egg transfer system needs to work outdoors, we add a protective cover to the conveyor chain to ensure that the eggs can be safely transported    into the egg store;
● The side frame is made of the high-quality aluminum alloy to avoid the rusting, deformation, etc., and has the long service life;
● The guide rail is made of the wear-resistant plastic to avoid the rusting;
● The operating speed is about 6.5 m/min, and the maximum egg collection capacity can reach 65,000 eggs/h;
● The chain is made of the high-strength manganese steel to ensure the conveying strength;
● It can match the egg packaging machines of the most manufacturers in the market or meet the customer's manual egg picking needs;

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