Broiler Double Cage

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HEFU laminated double sided cage for broiler rearing system is a kind of broiler cage of feed sowing system type or trolley feeder type which has vents in the middle for manual bird harvest and improve air change rate effectively.

High level of automation, automatic feeding system, drinking and cleaning system, cooling pad, centralized management of automatic control, energy saving and labor productivity increase, lower breeding cost, higher breeding efficiency.

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Ⅰ.Main cage system

The main cage is made from hot galvanized sheet with a zinc coating of 275g/m2.Two processing options are available for the cage wire: aluminized zinc wire or integrated hot dip galvanizing after welding. The latter is zinc slag free with long service life;

Transverse and longitudinal connected frame structure is not only solid and reliable, but also simple and efficient, which ensures the stability of cage with no collapse;

Cage size is length1250mm×width 800mm×height 450mm. The overall inner pushing type of big net door has large operating space and more convenient to operation;

With feed cart trace pipes, workers can stand up on them to observe、harvest the chicken and protect the feed trough;

One sealing edge injection molding pad net: with the installation of the feces retaining board, comfortable, does not hurt the chicken, prevent the leakage of feces to the lower trough, prevent the leakage of chicken, easy to wash and clean, save labor.

Ⅱ.Feeding System

Two feeding options for double sided broiler cage: sowing type and trolley feeding cart type (hot galvanizing, zinc layer);

Different styles of feeding devices to overcome the uneven feeding caused by uneven floor;

Advantages of trolley feeding cart type: compact in structure, smooth and accurate in feeding, separate in feeding control, good for lighting and less dependent on flat poultry house floor, suitable for new poultry house and renovation of poultry house, and feed adaptable;

Feed trough: straight white PVC feed trough with reliable quality and small seam.

Ⅲ.Manure Cleaning System

The longitudinal PP manure cleaning belt with a thickness of 1.0mm with smooth surface and high strength is used to remove all manure without deviation. The manure is cleaned regularly. Harmful gases such as ammonia and hydrogen sulfide are found in lower concentrations;

The horizontal manure cleaning frame is hot galvanized as a whole and the PVC conveyor belt in seamless connection design and whole ring installation is used to ensure strength, using effect and long service life.

IV.Water Supply System

The unfied-lifting nipple drinking water system, no leakage, reduce labor and avoid drinking line damage manually;

Nipples are 360ºturnable nipples that never drops and leaks.

3/4 Tiers Double Cage For Broiler

No. of tier average area/bird(cm2) birds/cage tier distance(mm) cage length(mm) cage width(mm) cage height(mm)
3 500 20 600 1250 800 450
4 500 20 600 1250 800 450

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