Manure Removal System

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The automatic manure removal system mainly includes longitudinal manure removal with cage in the house, horizontal-lifting manure removal machine and central manure removal machine in the field area which mainly realizes conveying manure from inside to outside manure storage area.

The indoor horizontal manure scraper is used to transport the manure transported by the longitudinal conveyor belt in the cage to the outdoor inclined manure scraper which is used to transport the manure to the manure truck, manure scraper on the farm or designated storage area outside.

The manure delivery system on the farm is mainly used to deliver manure of multiple poultry houses intensively to the organic fertilizer room or the position designated outside of the farm which can greatly reduce the manure removal time on the farm, reduce the labor, lower the environmental pollution risk of the farm and improve the biological safety of the farm.

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Different lap joint schemes for manure scraper and various lengths can be used according to the terrain on the site, so the adaptability is strong;

Multiple transportation modes such as underground, above-ground and overhead transportation are applicable to complex terrain conditions;

Profile welded hot-dip galvanizing frame-type main structure, with rust prevention and corrosion resistance;

The belt pressure roller driving structure is suitable for complex working conditions, such as diluted manure, rain water and slippery conditions and can effectively prevent the manure conveyor belt from slipping;

Multi-channel scraper blade structure facilitates high efficiency of manure belt cleaning;

Anti-deviation structures are provided at front and rear ends to ensure no deviation of the manure conveyor belt;

Rubber conveyor belt is wear-resisting、anti-corrosion and durable;

By learning the unique manure removal technology from abroad, the manure belt will not slip any more when it is loose and it can be continually operating by making the upper part tight and lower part loose;

The belt runs at the speed of 2m/min which solves the problem of deviation and curled edge;

The end part design of the manure removal machine follows the idea: environmental protection and neatness. From this perspective, the complete cleanness of the equipment will cause less damages to the environment of chicken house. That will be the necessary conditions for developing animal breeding industry in the future.

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