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Three options for feed supply: gantry sowing feeding mode、trolley feeding cart mode and Auto chain feeding mode.

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Advantages For Gantry Sowing Feeding Mode


Simple and efficient structure, cost-effective, more suitable for newly built poultry house;

Sowing feed machine is made of hot-dip galvanized metal plate with advantages like corrosion resistance, precise design and stability;

Even feed machine with a patent for flexible ability solves the difficulty in dropping feed unevenly because of the rough ground;

The special design of sowing feed machine wheels can prevent pressing foot and derailing to achieve security of breeding;

Manual operation and timed automatic operation are realized by adopting integrated circuit control, which takes a step to Al-based automation of breeding industry.

Advantages For Trolley Feeding Cart Mode


Compact structure, smooth and accurate feed drop. It takes up smaller space which will not conflict with lights arrangement. Its application requires less for poultry house floor flatness and this type feed supply is more suitable for newly built and rebuilt poultry house, especially for poultry house with lower beam depth;

Characteristics of the sidecar feeder: the current frame is using advanced numerical control technology, bent structure is reasonable, has a large carrying capacity with the characteristics of structure invariance;

Feeder walking wheel using polymer nylon material is no noise anti-skid treatment, does not damage the guide rail, effectively extend the service life of the feeder;

Advantages For Auto Chain Feeding Mode


Simple chain structure with easy processing;

Corners drive with great torque;

The new structured corner with high performance can avoid blocking, spilling and depositing feed.

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