Broiler Duck Cage

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Three or Four tiers automatic manure-cleaning duck cage system is a duck cage developed and designed by HEFU which features automatic manure-cleaning and manual duck removing.

According to the living habits of meat ducks, our company has independently developed the stacked duck cage system equipment which has completely changed the traditional breeding environment in the past and can realize large-scale industrialized duck breeding.

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Ⅰ.Main Cage System

The main body framework is made from spangle-free hot galvanized sheets with galvanized layer thickness 275g/m2.The cage wires are welded with aluminized zinc wires as a whole and thus have a long service life;

Sound and reliable transverse and longitudinal connected simple structure of highly efficiency, ensuring the stability of cage body without collapse;

The cage net is welded with aluminized zinc wires and equipped with plastic cushion net to make ducks more comfortable and prolong the service life of the cage net;

The up-and-down sliding pullet screen can effectively prevent pullet ducks from springing out of cages;

The net door baffle structure is convenient for grouping, epidemic prevention and duck harvest and ensures no manure leakage to improve the breeding environment;

The feed trough is designed on one side of battery which is convenient for feeding and duck catching.

Ⅱ.Feeding System

Large feeding trolley runs along guide rail on the ground, independent support style keeps running smoothly and no noise;

The sheet metal outer frame is corrosion-resistant, durable, aesthetic and strong;

The large feed box helps decline feeding times and manual labor intensity with no need for manual feeding;

The welding position of rail interface is stable and there is no need to manually push the feed sower system;

The special feed allocating wheel is conducive to smooth feed dropping without feed damage and allows use of various feed.

Ⅲ. Manure Cleaning System

The longitudinal manure belt adopts PP belt with strong impact resistance and toughness which is made of polypropylene with smooth surface and high strength to clean manure neat;

The manure cleaning system with special rear drive allows to effectively prevent the manure from splashing out of the manure pit to greatly improve the environment in the house and reduce labor intensity.

Ⅳ.Water Supply System

The unique drinking line not only ensures the duck can drink enough water but also avoid water dropping to the belt, keeping the cage clean all the time;

The unified lifting drinking system with reliable quality is used to avoid leakage. It can reduce labor to avoid drinking line damage caused by manual misoperation.

Ⅴ.Ventilation Control System

Ventilation control system is developed based on the needs of ducks growth with high automation, enormously improved production efficiency and triple warning system to protect the property.

3D Diagram of Broiler Duck Raising Equipment


3/4 Tiers Single Cage For Broiler Duck

No. of tier average area/bird(cm2) birds/cage tier distance(mm) cage length(mm) cage width(mm) cage height(mm)
3 657 19 700 1135 1100 600
4 657 19 700 1135 1100 600

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