Auger Conveying System

Short Description:

For feed storage equipment, feed can be filled by feed charging truck into the silo.

The feed is driven to move in the feeding pipe by the rotation of the spiral spring auger from the silo and delivered to various feeding units including the sub-silos and the feed boxes, and the feeding is automatically controlled by the feed level sensor at the end of the feed line.

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Auger Conveying System


Advantages of Main Feed Line Auger Conveying System

Using imported auger to achieve a stable performance and long service life;

A Italian-brand motor is employed for drive. It has an aluminum alloy housing providing fast heat dissipation, no rust, and protection grade of IP55;

The elbow is made of nylon and the inner side of the arc is thickened which is more wear-resistant、sealed and water proof;

Top brand, high-quality wear-resistant PVC feed pipe;

Imported brand feed sensor, with adjustable sensitivity and delay;

Applying for different types of feed, like powdery, grainy and lamellate type to achieve the goals with no waste and no accumulation. It can convey dry feed from the tower to the house conveniently;

Suitable for high throughput and for any type of houses;

Easy for installation, convenience and quick to use.

Product Parameters

Model No. LJ60 LJ75 LJ90 LJ125
Horizontal transportation ability(kg/h) 600 1400 2500 6000
Conveying distance(m) 100 75 40 18
Driving power(kW) 0.75 0.75 0.75/1.1 1.5
Diameter of feed pipe(mm) 60 75 90 125
Material of feed pipe PVC PVC PVC PVC
Thickness of feed pipe(mm) 4 3.7 4.2 4.8
OD of auger(mm) 45 60 70 95
Pitch of auger(mm) 45 60 56 66

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