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A type layer cage equipment is a high cost performance cage designed by HEFU which is suitable for high temperature areas and reliable.  It is a good choice to ensure maximum raising quantity according to good natural ventilation and environment. The cage can be designed for 3-5 tiers.  As customers requirements, we can configure manure cleaning and feeding system to realize equipment installation and production.

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The breeding chicken rearing system is specially designed for the convenience for the breeder artificial insemination in closed or open chicken coop.
The equipment which has been widely used in the Chinese and Southeast Asian market shows to be a very successful breeder-breeding chicken cage system.
The cage net surface treatment is hot dip galvanized or Aluminum Zinc coated. They can maintain a long service life.
Compared with floor raising , the egg-breeding cage system is more convenient to collect the eggs, reduce the rate of egg breakage while maintaining the eggs clean.
Cage raising helps to get a good environment for the chickens, it can reduce the chickens’ morbidity rate and improve the egg production.
The system can also be equipped with automatic feeding system, automatic manure cleaning system and automatic water supply system, this makes the work more efficiently and save a lot of labor.

The System Advantage

ⅠAutomatic Feeding System:

The Automatic Feeding System is connected with the augers which delivered the feed from silo to the hopper and then can transfer the feed to feed troughs;

Very easy to make installation and connect with the silo;

Prompt steps to control feed wastage because of the longer design feed trough edge;

The feed quantity provided to chickens can be adjusted;

Saving more labors because the automatic control panels can control feeding trolley.

Ⅱ Automatic Drinking System:

With 360 degree flowing nipple drinkers, water drip cups and water pressure regulators, terminals, splits, water filters makes sure the water is clean and NO harm to the chickens;

Automatic Drinking System: Square or Round pipes (thickness 2.5mm) with stainless steel nipple drinkers, and constituted by Water Pressure Regulators (or water tank), filters and dosers from DOSATRON.

Ⅲ Automatic Manure Removal System:

The Scraper Type Manure Collection System or Manure Belt Conveyor Type are designed for A frame cage systems which designed lower tiers PP feces blocking curtains in order to prevent the manures dropping into the lower cages.

3D Diagram Of A Type Egg Breeder Cage


average area/bird(cm2)


 cage length(mm)

 cage width(mm)

 cage height(mm)






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