Broiler Single Cage

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HEFU stacked single cage for broiler rearing system is well ventilated and characterized by automatic feeding, automatic water drinking and manure cleaning as well as manual broiler catching.

The cage size is length 1250mm x width 1000mm x height 450mm. The total height of tier  is 600mm. The vents are good for ventilation performance of the boiler cage because of a 50&80mm ventilation opening under the cage.25 white feather broilers (2.5kg) are bred in each cage.

High level of automation, automatic feeding system, drinking and cleaning system, cooling pad, centralized management of automatic control, energy saving and labor productivity increase, lower breeding cost, higher breeding efficiency.

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Ⅰ.Main cage system

The main body framework is made of spangle-free hot galvanized sheets with zinc-plated layer thickness 275g/m2.The cage is welded with aluminized zinc wires or  hot dip galvanized as a whole after welding which has no zinc dreg and long service life after adopting special galvanization technology;

Transverse and longitudinal connected frame structure is not only solid and reliable, but also simple and efficient, which ensures the stability of cage with no  collapse;

Integrated edge-sealing injection molding cushion net: used with the chicken baffle, comfortable, hurting no chickens, preventing the manure from leaking into the lower feeders, preventing baby chicks from failing and designed to be labor-saving.

Ⅱ.Feeding System

The feed sowing system type material rammer consists of a hot-dip galvanized sheet metal frame and is featured by corrosion resistance, durability, precise design, stability and reliability;

The feed distributor is professionally designed to be retractable, can overcome the uneven feed drop caused by ground unevenness and help with uniform material ramming;

The feed sowing system wheel is designed as an electrical foot pressing and derailing prevention device, resulting in safe cultivation;

Integrated circuit board control box has a stop and automatic correction function and thus is safer electrically;

Materials are rammed in a manual, remotely controlled or timed manner, the number of times of material ramming is accumulatively calculated and the travel distance of the feed sowing system is located and displayed, a further progress in unmanned intelligent cultivation.

Ⅲ.Manure Cleaning System

The longitudinal manure removal belt, a 1.0mm thick PP belt with smooth surface and high strength, cleans manure neatly without deviation;

The transverse manure cleaning frame undergoes integrated hot galvanizing and conveyor belt is made of PVC. Seamless welding and integral annular installation are adopted, ensuring the strength, using effect and long service life.

IV.Water Drinking System

The unitedly lifting drinking water system has reliable quality, requires less labor and is prevented from leakage and damage to water line caused by wrong man-made operation;

The water drinking nipple can give water at an angle of 360º and the water drops can stimulate water drinking.

Product Parameters

No. of tier average area/bird(cm2) birds/cage tier distance(mm) cage length(mm) cage width(mm) cage height(mm)
3 500 25 600 1250 1000 450
4 500 25 600 1250 1000 450

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