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HEFU pullet cage is the stacked cage rearing system specially designed for young chickens, which can be designed with 3-8 tiers according to customers’  requirements. The system includes the cage body, feeding, drinking, manure removal, lighting, environmental control and other modules with simple operation, high automation and high overall uniformity of young chickens.

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Ⅰ.The Cage

Hot-dip galvanized technology is adopted for cage mesh, which makes the cage mesh system more anticorrosive, glossy and durable;

Reasonable cage design and sufficient feeding position are convenient for catching birds;

Sliding doors can be partially or completely open to facilitate turning out of chicks at any stage of growth.

Ⅱ.Automatic Feeding System

The trolley feeding type can ensure uniform feeding. The hopper with a special regulating mechanism can regulate feed quantity according to the bird’s cage;

The inside of the trough made of hot dip galvanized sheets is fitted with an additional adjusting plate. When birds are small, birds gather for eating below the adjusting plate. With the age increasing, the adjusting plate gets down and chickens gather for eating above the adjusting plate. Therefore, all the designs ensure that pullets can eat freely and avoid running away.

Ⅲ.Automatic Drinking System

Reasonable design of water line provides enough and clean water for chicken;

Adjustable water line can also meet the drinking of chicks at all stages.

Ⅳ.Manure Removal System

Robust construction of manure removal rollers, drive the Poly Propylene(PP)manure belts for collection of the manure under the cage. Because of the strong structure, system can work until 200 m. All galvanized material gives the possibility for long life.

Ⅴ.Climate Control System

Automatic environment control system is suitable for each growth stage from chicks to young chicken and providing the suitable house environment for chicks. So the feeding, drinking, egg collection and manure removal system are all controlled by the electricity control panels. The ventilation fans, cooling pads, heating equipment(in winter season),sidewall ventilation windows are also controlled together automatic.

Model 1 Product Parameters of Pullet Raising Equpment

No. of tier average area/bird(cm2) birds/cage tier distance(mm) cage length(mm) cage width(mm) cage height(mm)
3 347 18 580 1000 625 430
4 347 18 580 1000 625 430
5 347 18 580 1000 625 430

Model 2 3D Diagram of Pullet Raising Equipment

No. of tier average area/bird(cm2) birds/cage tier distance(mm) cage length(mm) cage width(mm) cage height(mm)
3 343 21 700 1200 600 450
4 343 21 700 1200 600 450
5 343 21 700 1200 600 450

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