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Fiber glass reinforced plastic silo is very popular in European, Asia, American countries because of their good characteristic of higher stability, heat resistant, moisture-poof, anti-corrosion and light.

HEFU FRP silo designed from 2.5 ton to 21 ton which can meet every customer’s different requirements.

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Advantages of Fiberglass Silo

1. The tower body of silo is made of FRP material –light weight and hard, Non-conductive, thermal insulation and corrosion resistant to guarantee more than 20 years long service life;

2. The supports、connections and ladder adopt hot galvanizing processing which guarantee the durability and firmness of silo;

3. The surface of bolts and nuts under the use of Dacro technology has higher stability, heat-resistant, moisture-proof and anti-corrosion;

4. The transparent observation window is configured to check the level of feed;

5.Using the combination way of body slices,convenient transport and easy installation .All the holes had been located and ready to connect directly;

6. Adopting the importing glue to seal the seam of connection which guarantees to connect tightly and avoid leakage forever;

7. Smooth inner to guarantee no hoard feed;

8. Equipped with the best tilt Angle of feed tower hopper to ensure the barrier-free discharge of feed;

9. Specially designed tower top shape ensures full utilization of capacity;

10.The opening mechanism of the fiberglass tower has many forms such as mechanical pull rod, pulley pull rop, ect. The design is exquisite and the operation is very simple;

11. The capacity is various to meet all the farm size and plant size;

12. Guarantee period of inner feed is 7 days at high temperature and 10 days at normal temperature.

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